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xrayrockster's Journal

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  • xrayrockster@livejournal.com
I am here to buy, sell, and trade!
I have a few specifications for my exchanges, they are as follows.
I will only send out what you would like after you have paid, I'm quite sorry about this, but you can't trust all of the nameless people on the internet anymore :(
I will accept paypal (pref) money orders, or cash, but you are sending this cash at your own risk, and I would prefer that you didn't.
I would be happy to trade with you, but I am quite picky and I would rather not be harassed by people who are offering things I do not have any want or need for. The point of this journal is to get rid of all of those things that I do not need, not to get bombarded with more.
If you say you would like to buy something, and don't send me any information within a week (which is a lot of time, mind you) I will assume you no longer want it and put it back up for sale/trade, so please keep me informed of your exchanges, I would rather have too much information than too little. If you send a late payment for something that I have already sold, I will give you a full refund.
I hope you have fun, and enjoy all of the wonderful things I would like to give you!